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The long days and balmy weather of Summer unleash the spirit of wanderlust in many people. Endless lines at airports and relatively inexpensive gas prices make a road trip an attractive option. If you want to hit the road, here are three North American road trip ideas.

Chicago to the Badlands

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Photo credit: Everett McIntire via unsplash.com

Chicago, a major air travel hub centrally located in the United States, is a convenient place to begin your road trip. From Chicago, drive north on Interstate 90 for two and a half hours to Madison, Wisconsin. A lively college town, Madison makes a good pit stop for lunch or an overnight visit. From Madison, continue west on Interstate 90 through Minnesota and into South Dakota.

The drive from Madison to the Badlands is over 700 miles long and crosses through some of America’s signature heartland country. There are plenty of quirky diversions along the way, from the Corn Palace in Mitchell to the Wall Drug store, a world-famous landmark with a kitschy “Old West” atmosphere, in the town of Wall. This drive can be made in one long day or broken up with an overnight stay in one of South Dakota’s many small towns.

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Badlands Loop Road in Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park provides the grand finale to your trip, with its vast artist’s palette of strangely shaped and brightly colored rock formations. The loop road through the park showcases many of its highlights and can be done in a few hours, but if you have extra time, take a full day or more to explore the Badlands. Extend your trip by a day or two with a visit to two additional American icons, Mount Rushmore National Monument and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Denver to Yellowstone National Park

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Photo credit: Kait Herzog via unsplash.com

On this trip, you’ll experience some of North America’s most scenic national parks and mountain landscapes. Bring your camera, camping gear, and hiking boots. While this itinerary could be rushed through in a week, you should allow two or more weeks to experience all that this area has to offer.

Begin your journey in Denver, where you can spend a day or two acclimating to Colorado’s high altitude and enjoying some city life before heading into the mountains. From Denver, take a short drive to the free-spirited town of Boulder. Fill an afternoon or a day exploring its funky boutiques and diverse array of restaurants. When you’re ready for more mountain adventures, drive an hour on scenic Highway 36 to the small town of Estes Park, which makes a good base for exploring nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. In this park, remarkable hiking, rock climbing, and endless mountain vistas await. Take at least two days to visit the park to experience all it has to offer.

A large green field with a mountain in the background

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Rocky Mountain National Park

From Rocky Mountain National Park, head about three hours west to Steamboat Springs. A quintessential ski town, Steamboat Springs also offers plenty of Summer diversions such as gondola rides, fishing, mountain biking, and hot springs. There are enough activities in Steamboat Springs to warrant a stay of at least three days.

Head north to Yellowstone National Park via Highway 40, Interstate 80 and Highway 287. This drive will take approximately eight hours on a combination of mountain roads and interstates. If you don’t want to complete the drive in a single day, stay overnight in Rawlins, Wyoming, a small historic town about six hours from Yellowstone.

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Excelsior Geyser Midway Basin Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone’s multitude of natural attractions and outdoor activities make it one of America’s most popular national parks. While it could take months, if not years, to explore the entire area, you can experience a lot of the park in a few days to a week.

Cross-Canada Adventure

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Trans-Canada Highway

A drive across Canada contains all the elements of an epic road trip. On a cross-Canada journey, you’ll take in an incredible array of scenic and cultural attractions. Many of these can be found along the Trans-Canada Highway, which crosses the country from east to west. This itinerary will give you a taste of the many highlights along the way. Plan to spend a few weeks to a month exploring this giant country.

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Banff National Park

Begin in Vancouver, taking a day or two to check out its restaurants, beaches, and diverse mix of cultures. Then, follow the Trans-Canada Highway east to Banff National Park, where you can hike or kayak through jaw-dropping mountain scenery. When you’re ready to leave the mountains, continue east across endless rolling plains, where the wide-open spaces will give you a sense of Canada’s enormous scale. In Ontario, enjoy water sports in Lake Superior, check out the vast locks at Sault Ste. Marie, and experience First Nations culture on Manitoulin Island. If time allows, detour to Toronto, one of Canada’s most dynamic cities. End your trip in Francophone Montreal or extend your travels with a visit to Canada’s Maritime provinces.

Helpful Tips:

*All aforementioned itineraries are one-way, and driving times are estimates which do not include delays due to road work, traffic, bad weather, or other conditions. Use the driving times and distances as general guidelines and allow flexibility in your travel plans for unforeseen delays.

*As Summer is the peak travel season in many areas, some attractions might sell out. If possible, book tours and other organized activities ahead of time, and make hotel or camping reservations in advance.

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Image by Adrian Thompson from Pixabay

1. Make a Destination List

If you’re planning a golfing getaway either as a solo trip or taking your family and friends along for the fun, don’t swing and miss. It’s important to do some advance planning first. These 5 tips will help you plan well, for a great golfing vacation.

Don’t just grab the first golfing vacation package you see. Research the courses you’d like to play the most and draw up a list of about 10 different possible destinations. Also, consider if a certain golfing destination has multiple courses you’d like to play, giving you more variety for your money. If you’re taking others along for the trip, ask for their input too. They might know about destinations that you haven’t thought of.

2. Search Club 1 Hotels for Golf Tee-Times

Once you’ve decided on your destination, next it’s time to search and book tee-times for your trip. Did you know, Club 1 Hotels offers its members Exclusive Deal Times, up to 60% off, at over 3,000 golf courses in more than 24 countries worldwide including dozens of PGA courses in the US, Caribbean, and Mexico. Try Club 1 Hotels for 30-days Free!

3. Go All Inclusive

Going with an all-inclusive golf getaway can make things much easier to plan. Everything is taken care of, so you can focus on what you came to do – playing golf. In addition to all of your basic needs, some all-inclusive golf resorts also include extras like equipment rentals – you don’t even have to pack your own clubs. Find out what is and is not included before deciding on your resort and pick the right options for you. Club 1 Hotels members have access to wholesale rates with Guaranteed Savings at over 1 Million hotels and resort! Search Club 1 Hotels entire database for 30-days Free!

4. Ask About Short-Term Golf Club Memberships

You don’t always have to live in a city to get a golf club membership. Some clubs offer weekly or monthly membership passes that are available to anyone who wants them. If you are a serious golfer, getting a membership pass during your vacation can give you extra perks that you can’t get otherwise.

Image by Kenny Holmes from Pixabay

5. Book Off Season

Booking your golfing getaway in the off season can save you a bundle. Remember, warmer destinations generally have good weather all year round. No matter which time of year you book your vacation, you should still have a fantastic trip. If you book your golf excursion through a travel agent during the off season, you might be able to save even more, as agents are often desperate to fill these less popular seasons.

So, don’t just leave your plans to chance! Follow the tips above, and with a little diligent planning, you can create the perfect golfing getaway that will suit you to a tee.

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By K. Ong

A picturesque tropical beach as a winter getaway makes for a smart vacation idea. Imagine frolicking in one of the world’s most spectacular warm-climate beaches as you wait away the passing of the cold months.

Here are ten of the world’s great tropical beaches to consider as your holiday vacation destination.

Bamboo Island Beach, Thailand

(a.k.a Phi Phi Island/Ko Pee Pee)

Located in Southern Thailand and protected by cliffs of limestone that tame the waves, the fantastic Bamboo Island is a remote tropical paradise of white sand and shimmering turquoise-colored waters. It is near the bustling Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed.

Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera is a narrow island in the Bahamas. It sports rolling beaches of pink sand and fabulously huge outcroppings of coral reefs. The beaches of Eleuthera are unspoiled as the island is not heavily inhabited by people.

Featured Hotel & Resort: The Cove Eleuthera, Eleuthera, Bahamas

The Cove Eleuthera
The Cove Eleuthera

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Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s popular Ipanema Beach offers a lively, beach-party atmosphere where tourists and Brazilians gather as they sunbathe, drink beer, surf, and enjoy the warm weather. The western part of Ipanema Beach is framed by Dois Irmãos, a graceful-looking pair of mountains.

Featured Hotel & Resort: Belmond Copacabana Palace, Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Belmond Copacabana Palace
Belmond Copacabana Palace

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Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

Jobson’s Cove is an enchanting spot in Bermuda. It features a natural formation of limestone. The limestone outcropping creates a shallow pool of around forty feet in diameter in the Bermuda waters. The pinkish sandy beach of Jobson’s Cove treats you to experience clear waters, reefs, and a view of the towering cliffs made of limestone that borders the pool.

Featured Hotel & Resort: The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

The Fairmont Southampton
The Fairmont Southampton

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Kadmat Island Beach, India

The immaculate beaches of Kadmat Island rest on a coral reef. The clear shallow waters washing off from the Indian Ocean make diving, snorkeling, and swimming much more enjoyable. Dolphins and other marine animals are also abundant in the beaches along Kadmat Island.

Matria Beach, French Polynesia

This dazzling white-sandy beach in Bora Bora is a heaven of tropical sun and gleaming blue-green waters. There are also bungalows by the beach where you can relax and marvel at the stunning French Polynesian views.

Featured Hotel & Resort: The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, French Polynesia

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

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Navio Beach, Puerto Rico

Located in Vieques, Navio Beach’s charm includes rough waves that are perfect for surfing, natural rock formations ideal for rock climbing, pristine and empty coastlines, and the rural island-municipality’s old-world vibe.

Perhentian Island, Malaysia

The tropical beaches along the pair of Malaysian islands called the Perhentians feature a postcard-perfect scenario complete with palm trees, white sand, warm climate, and crystal blue sea waters. Marine life—the likes of jellyfish, sea turtles, reef fish, and corals—is abundant, so you get the most out of any snorkeling and diving adventures.

Tulum Beaches, Mexico

Located southeast of Cancun, Tulum is a well-known archaeological site, as well as the location of beach resorts that deliver awe-inspiring views of the Caribbean. After spending time visiting Pre-Columbian ruins and cenotes, unwind under the sun and walk along the gorgeous coastline of Tulum.

Yasawa Island Beach, Fiji

You can’t go wrong with this warm-weather paradise popular for its unmarred beaches and clear blue-green waters. The volcanic Yasawa island group also features breathtaking mountainous terrain. In 1980, The Blue Lagoon was filmed in some parts of the Yasawa.

Club 1 Hotels Featured Hotel & Resort: Viwa Island Resort, Viwa Island, Fiji

Viwa Island Resort

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