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We are very excited to announce ResortPass as our newest Club 1 Hotels Member Benefit. With ResortPass, you can plan a daycation or staycation with ease by booking nearby luxury hotel day passes for pools, spas or cabanas starting at just $25. And, Club 1 Hotels Members receive an exclusive discount on every ResortPass booked.

Booking is easy. Simply enter your destination and browse the list of available hotels and resorts. Once you choose a hotel, select a date and pass type: day pass, spa pass, or cabana. Finally, check-in at the hotel and enjoy your daycation!

Viceroy Santa Monica Cabana, starting at $400 USD on Resort Pass.

There are hundreds of hotels available, and ResortPass is adding new options each month. A few of our favorites include: Park Hyatt Chicago Spa Day Pass, Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort Cabana, SIXTY LES Lower Manhattan Day Pass, and Viceroy Santa Monica Cabana.

Whether you’re planning for a special event, or just looking for a way to break the weekday blues, ResortPass is a great way to book a fabulous day of relaxation, pampering and fun!

Club 1 Hotels Members save 10% on every daycation booked with ResortPass including those booked for family, friends and colleagues!

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1. Make a Destination List

If you’re planning a golfing getaway either as a solo trip or taking your family and friends along for the fun, don’t swing and miss. It’s important to do some advance planning first. These 5 tips will help you plan well, for a great golfing vacation.

Don’t just grab the first golfing vacation package you see. Research the courses you’d like to play the most and draw up a list of about 10 different possible destinations. Also, consider if a certain golfing destination has multiple courses you’d like to play, giving you more variety for your money. If you’re taking others along for the trip, ask for their input too. They might know about destinations that you haven’t thought of.

2. Search Club 1 Hotels for Golf Tee-Times

Once you’ve decided on your destination, next it’s time to search and book tee-times for your trip. Did you know, Club 1 Hotels offers its members Exclusive Deal Times, up to 60% off, at over 3,000 golf courses in more than 24 countries worldwide including dozens of PGA courses in the US, Caribbean, and Mexico. Try Club 1 Hotels for 30-days Free!

3. Go All Inclusive

Going with an all-inclusive golf getaway can make things much easier to plan. Everything is taken care of, so you can focus on what you came to do – playing golf. In addition to all of your basic needs, some all-inclusive golf resorts also include extras like equipment rentals – you don’t even have to pack your own clubs. Find out what is and is not included before deciding on your resort and pick the right options for you. Club 1 Hotels members have access to wholesale rates with Guaranteed Savings at over 1 Million hotels and resort! Search Club 1 Hotels entire database for 30-days Free!

4. Ask About Short-Term Golf Club Memberships

You don’t always have to live in a city to get a golf club membership. Some clubs offer weekly or monthly membership passes that are available to anyone who wants them. If you are a serious golfer, getting a membership pass during your vacation can give you extra perks that you can’t get otherwise.

Golf Course

5. Book Off Season

Booking your golfing getaway in the off season can save you a bundle. Remember, warmer destinations generally have good weather all year round. No matter which time of year you book your vacation, you should still have a fantastic trip. If you book your golf excursion through a travel agent during the off season, you might be able to save even more, as agents are often desperate to fill these less popular seasons.

So, don’t just leave your plans to chance! Follow the tips above, and with a little diligent planning, you can create the perfect golfing getaway that will suit you to a tee.

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