Anyone who has ever been on a private jet can tell you: it is the most convenient, comfortable way to travel. For those with the means to charter a jet, private air travel offers a variety of advantages over commercial air travel. Here are some of the benefits of chartering a personal aircraft.


When chartering a jet, you get that aircraft all to yourself. There is zero chance you will be sat next to a man who coughs the entire flight or in front of a child who kicks your seat. The only passengers on the plane are you and your party. Traveling is much more relaxing when you aren’t squeezed next to annoying strangers.


Commercial planes may be much bigger than private planes, but they don’t even come close in terms of luxury. Private jets are much more spacious and have larger, more comfortable seats. Depending on the aircraft and the size of your party, you may even be able to lie down and sleep. Many planes also include amenities such as televisions, Wi-Fi, and catered meals that will make your flight even more enjoyable.


You don’t have to be a celebrity to fly private, but you’ll be treated like one when you do. The charter company may have a luxurious lounge – stocked with snacks and drinks – for you to relax in before it is time to board. You won’t have to worry about climbing over anyone to get your carry-on in the overhead bin; someone will take care of your luggage for you. Some jets even have a flight attendant whose job is to wait on you and your party only. Flying on a private jet is a sure way to feel like royalty for a few hours.


When flying commercial, you often have to show up to the airport two or more hours early just to get through all of the lines. You skip this part entirely when flying private. No long TSA lines and no waiting for groups A through C to board before you – you will have your own private terminal. In some situations, you can even drive right up to the plane in your car. With a private jet, you’ll be on the plane within minutes of arriving at the airport.


Nothing is worse than showing up at the airport and finding out your flight was canceled. This is a lot less likely in private air travel. In cases of bad weather or closed airports, private jets have more options. This is because private jets are significantly smaller than commercial ones, so there are more airports that they can land in. For instance, if you were planning on flying into John K. Kennedy Airport in NYC, but the airport is closed due to a snowstorm, this does not mean your flight has to cancel. Your jet may be able to fly into a smaller, less busy airport such as Teterboro Airport in nearby New Jersey.


Perhaps the best part about chartering a private jet is that it’s on your schedule. You don’t have to search through a bunch of flights to find one that works for your trip – the schedule will be crafted around you. Running late? You don’t have jet will wait for you. Want to stay an extra day? The charter company will do their best to make that work. They want to make you happy, so they will do everything in their power to do so. You are not just another passenger when you fly private.

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